Your purchase, your pace: Split payments for NFTs over weeks or months with ease.

Step into the future of NFT ownership with exclusive financial flexibility

Minimal Downpayment

With options for as low as 0% down payment, we make top NFTs accessible.

Fixed Interest Rate

Enjoy stability with a fixed interest rate once the payment plan is matched.

Flexible Repayment

Repay any time to fully take control of the NFT, or list it if you're making a profit.

Reward Earnings

Enjoy PumpX rewards whenever you finish a purchase or repayment

Comparison with Full Payment


Full Payment


Down to 10%

100% payment

Payment Period

Up to 90 days

Pay immediately

Money Efficiency

Up to 10X Leverage

Very Low

Rewards on purchase


Few or no rewards

Rewards on Repayment



Additional Discounts

may offer additional discounts

no additional discounts

Buy Now, Pay Later With These NFTs

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